Frank Ocean's bark may be bigger than his bite. The singer claims that he wrote "F--- off" on a check written to Chipotle when they sued him for breach of contract but now, a rep for the restaurant chain denies the diss ever happened.

Chipotle tells TMZ that the settlement they received did not include the offensive message at all. "Nice stunt, Frank!" the rep says.

Earlier this month, Chipotle sued the 'Channel Orange' creator, claiming he signed on to record a song for their new marketing campaign for the nice price of $425,000. Ocean never finished the song and was apparently angry when the company wanted to include its logo in the ad. Chipotle sued for the $212,500 advance it paid to the crooner plus additional damages.

Ocean shared a photo of a check for the same amount with the words "F--- Off" in the memo section. At the time, it seemed as if he was relaying that message to Chipotle.