Frank Ocean is putting his money where his mouth is. After begin sued by Chipotle, the singer has apparently written the restaurant a big check today for $212,500 and gave them a written insult to boot.

The 'Channel Orange' creator posted the check on his Tumblr account for $212,500 from what appears to be his personal Chase bank account. The amount is what the restaurant chain was suing the singer for, so it seems logical that's what this payment for.

The Boombox reported earlier that Chipotle filed a suit against the 'Novacane' singer last week. Chipotle claims that Ocean was tapped to record a track called ‘Pure Imagination’ for a new marketing campaign. The gig would earn him $425,000. Ocean was apparently not happy when the company’s logo appeared at the end of the ad and didn't want to give up his creative license. Chipotle sued for the $212,500 advance the company paid him plus additional damages.

Obviously angry with the situation, Frank Ocean wrote "F--- Off" in the memo section of the check. The recipient of this cashier's check won't be having too much of a smile while cashing it. No word on whether this public check will settle the lawsuit.

Frank Ocean's Tumblr