Foxy Brown and Lil kim

Rapper Foxy Brown took a shot at Lil' Kim and her recent stint on the ABC network's 'Dancing With the Stars' in a new track that appeared online Tuesday. Although she doesn't mention Kim by name, last we checked there was only one female rapper who appeared on the dance show.

"I flows like Big/The way I like 2 Pac/Ain't dropped in nine years/And still got the top spot," Foxy raps with her trademark over-confident proclamations. "Catch me at Marcy at the mall, but mother------s will never see me 'Dancin' With the Stars'/Never, will I embarrass my borough, I'm too thorough," she continues.

Brown and Lil' Kim have gone at each other lyrically in the past, but a few years ago Foxy called a truce. "Russell [Simmons] and I, we got together, and I said, 'Russell, I want to call a truce," she said in an interview. "I want to have a sit-down with Kim. I don't care what it is. Let's just end it. We can even do a collaboration. We're bigger than this." Kim allegedly did not respond to Foxy's request.

Both Brooklyn-born female emcees have followed similar career paths, partly because both hit the music scene around the same time. The ladies were both linked to hip-hop's biggest names: Kim with, the late Notorious B.I.G. and Foxy with Jay-Z. Both spent time behind bars, Kim served 11 months in prison while Foxy served nine.

Although Kim hasn't yet responded to Foxy, she is said to be working on new music so we'll just have to wait and see what happens next.