No one would have guessed Nas would steal the summer, but the veteran rapper has it "on smash," as he recently released his 10th studio album, Life Is Good, last month. On the effort, he unveils his personal stories about divorce and also the hardships of being a single father raising a daughter. Though age has allowed him to rhyme with maturity looking back at those experiences, the MC hasn't failed to brag how even on the verge of being 40 -- he's 38 -- he still looks as young as his Illmatic days. On the song "Stay," Nas proclaims, "Spotlight on me, I still look 20/ Still get money..." Truer words have never been spoken.

Although he still has the juice, the Queens, N.Y., native isn't the only artist cheating time by somehow making frequent visits to the fountain of youth. Many rappers and R&B singers who have been on the scene for two decades or more proudly lay claim to looking young forever. The BoomBox even found two legendary singers, 53 and 72 respectively, who will have Nas taking notes on how to keep up a youthful presence and exuberance well into his retirement years. Here are 20 hip-hop and R&B artists that would probably still get carded now if they weren't famous faces.

See Photos of Hip-Hop & R&B's Most Youthful Faces


Watch "Mariah Carey: The New Face of Jenny Craig"

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