Flo RidaSince LeBron James finally made his decision to join the Miami Heat and solidify one of the most intimidating teams to ever hit the NBA (on paper, at least), the development has been ripe for some theme songs. Rick Ross and the Bawse's associate DJ Khaled were good options as they both hail from Miami. Ultimately, it appears they were trumped by none other than Flo Rida, who has just recorded a new Miami Heat ode called 'We Already Won.'

"Being a part of the Poe Boy family, we always trying to do something to get the city hype," the rapper said. "So I called my colleagues Billy Blue, Brianna, Desloc [Piccalo], Ball Greezy, Brisco. We just trying to build up the morale of Dade County. Having LeBron come in, having Bosh come in, we think that's a great thing. So we got in the studio and did what we always do -- go in there and make a great record."

The chorus to the track goes: "We already won/ We already won/ We don't need to play no more games." It's exactly the sort of thing that will pump Miami fans up while also ending up on the speaker system in every other NBA locker room to get their players set on destruction mode.

"It definitely feels special for the fact that we got LeBron and this crazy team," Flo Rida concluded. "You know, [Dwyane] Wade and everybody."

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