Flavor Flav didn’t engage in New Year festivities, instead he was grieving the loss of his mother, Anna Drayton. The Public Enemy rapper’s mom passed away on Dec. 31.

The sad news was confirmed by Flav on his Twitter account.

On Facebook, Full Force member Lou "Bowlegged Lou" George wrote an elegiac tribute to Ms. Drayton. In part, he typed: "She was a wonderful & sweet person who is now up in heaven wearing Gods wings. A few weeks ago we were in the studio working on something special with Flav. He is a great guy & great son."

In an interview with People.com, Flavor Flav credited his mother for getting him into the music business.

"One thing she always say was do your do's," he recalled. "When you go out, you know your do's and you know your don'ts. So do your do's and leave the don'ts alone and you will be alright."

Upon hearing the news of his mother's death, fans across the Twitter-verse sent their condolences to Flavor Flav. No details on her cause of death have been revealed yet.

Check out the Twitter sentiments below.

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