FKA twigs just pulled a Beyonce by dropping a surprise EP, M3LL155X, with a 16-minute compilation music video to match.

The singer announced the project on Thursday (Aug. 13) with a simple tweet. "very excited to share M3LL155X with you all at last," she tweeted, sharing a link to the EP and visuals. Boots, who worked closely with Beyonce on her 2013 eponymous LP, collaborated with the British native on her third EP featuring rattling production, ethereal vocals and pulsing R&B rhythms.

The five-track effort is accompanied by visuals that chronicle the birthing process. But don't get it twisted; FKA twigs isn't ready for motherhood just yet. The journey begins with "Figure 8," as fashion icon Michele Lamy carries a light fixture on her head, which protrudes forward to dangle in front of her like an angler fish. She also sports a ton of jewelry akin to Yubaba in Spirited Away. "Let me live," yearns the singer, as the woman proceeds to eat the light fixture. "Mass appeal / I feel in 10 breaths, it's a miracle if we're still alive."

"I'm your doll" finds twigs superimposing her head on top of blow-up doll, egging her mesmerized suitor to "wind me up" and "love me rough," over the eclectic track. He follows through, and in the end, she is left deflated.

Now, the experimental singer is pregnant on "In time," as she lays on a bed in an all-white silk robe -- which immediately evokes thoughts of of TLC's "Waterfalls." And it wouldn't be too far off, as twigs switches between her pregnant self to some '90s gear -- a baggy denim outfit with a white crop top, one big gold chain, her signature gelled baby hair and red lipstick. She even brings back-up dancers to do some synchronized moves over the upbeat electro-tinged song.

Her next visual for "Glass & Patron," released earlier this year, features vogueing men and a never-ending colorful scarf that she seemingly gives birth to.

Twigs, who directed all of the videos features, hasn't given the video treatment for the last song on the EP, "Mothercreep," leaving fans to use their imagination of what's to come.

So let your creative juices flow and dive into M3LL155X in all its entirety below.

Watch Visuals for FKA twigs' 'M3LL155X' EP

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