After reaching a settlement with Big Pun’s widow, Liza Rios, it appears that Fat Joe is reportedly backing out of paying the late rapper’s family.

According to Bossip, Pun’s widow Rios fired off a response letter to Fat Joe’s claim that she is trying to add terms to the settlement that has never been approved. Pun’s widow alleges in her letter that Fat Joe is trying to avoid paying the family what he originally agreed to.

As we previously reported, Fat Joe and his co-defendant, music publisher John “Jellybean” Benitez of Jelly’s Jams, struck a deal back in June with Big Pun's widow to keep the case from going to trial. Although terms of the settlement remain confidential, it's being reported that it was a significant monetary settlement of $2 million.

Since then, the settlement remains in limbo because both sides are negotiating terms of the deal. Fat Joe said that since the judge threw out Rios’ breach of contract claims over the side artist agreements, there’s no way he’d agree to hand those rights over to her. Furthermore, Joe said Rios never produced the actual proof that the side artist contracts even existed.

Rios’ lawyer, Lita Rosario, maintains in court documents that the widow and the Bronx rapper did agree to a deal where he would deliver the side artist agreement rights in exchange for Rios’ approval of a press release about the case, and had email proof. Rios' counsel recently filed a motion to reopen the case and asked the judge to enforce the settlement as it stands. Her attorney also mentioned that Fat Joe’s codefendant, Mr. Benitez, agreed to the final settlement, but they can’t proceed without Fat Joe's approval.

Overall, this is look like a real messy legal situation. Hopefully, both parties can find a resolution and go their separate ways.