Fat Joe kicks his bad boy persona up a notch in the video for his new track, 'Welcome to the Darkside,' which is featured on the Bronx MC's latest mixtape, 'The Darkside Vol. II.' In the visuals, directed by Eif Rivera, Joey Crack is backed by fellow Bronx native French Montana.

The clip sees Joe and Montana inside a dimly lit warehouse while the latter rhymes, "Before you got your head blown off/ Leave me alone, leave me alone/ Before you get your head blown off/ I got a big sawed off, ring/ Hanging with a shoulder strap."

Apparently the hip-hop duo are keeping their whereabouts on the hush and have an arsenal to protect them. Montana throws in some lines about the Black Mob before his elder commences with his main verse. As he gets into his rap stance, Fat Joe is surrounded by a plethora of gun-toting babes -- some are tattooed, others are voluptuous and curvy and even more are scantily clad.

"Yo, yo, what's this phenomenon/ Rose/ Gold/ Presi on my arm/ Statute with precision/ Math, do the division/ Crack ruined my vision, now all I do is the kitchen," Joe raps.

As the video comes to a close, the 41-year-old rhymer has one-up on those in search of his hideout.

Check the tracklisting for Fat Joe's 'The Darkside Vol. II,' available now, below.

1. 'Welcome To The Darkside' Feat. French Montana

2. 'Dopeman' Feat. Jadakiss & Dre of Cool & Dre

3. 'So Fly' Feat. Arland

4. 'Big Business'

5. 'Angels Say'

6. 'Pushing Keys' Feat. Raekwon

7. 'Drop A Body'

8. 'My Lord'

9. 'F--- Them Other N----s'

10. 'Around The World' Feat. Arland

Watch Fat Joe's 'welcome to the Darkside' Feat. French Montana

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