Whenever Fat Joe or Remy Ma visits your town, better believe they'll be doing a lot of spending there, since they seem to be doing okay in the money department. That's basically the concept of their new single "Money Showers," featuring Ty Dolla $ign, where Joey Crack spits first.

"10 bands for the prettiest b---- / No hands if you really the sh-- / My n---- pretty new drop the music, he got something to say / Got her staring at the pole like election day / I make it rain on them h---, I got that Amber vision / We in the back of the Rolls, her and Blac Chyna kissing," raps the Bronx MC over a sample of Ralph Tresvant's "Do What I Gotta Do."

From there, Ty sings the hook in is usual raspy delivery, right before Remy goes in and warns other women about taking their man.

"See you gotta understand I'm bad enough to take your husband / B----, I f--- your man then give him back when I'm done / Front of my p---- on the back of his tongue / I ain't had love for a n---- since what happened to Pun," she spit.

While speaking to Billboard magazine, Remy said the song is about having an over abundance of the good things in life, whether material or otherwise.

"'Money Showers' to me means being bestowed with an unlimited amount of everything," she explained. "An excess of everything, whether materialistic, emotional, sexual, like total ectasy."

The former Love & Hip-Hop star also talked about working with Ty Dolla $ign on the cut.

"Working with Ty is cool," she stated. "This is the second song I've been on with him, the first being Dej Loaf's 'Try Me' remix. He's so smooth."

You can check out the "Money Showers" cut below, and we'll see if it'll be on Joe and Remy's forthcoming album Plata o Plomo," which is supposed to drop in 2017.

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