Bronx-born MC Fat Joe may be heading for divorce due to his infidelity, according to recent reports. The Terror Squad leader apparently has stepped out on his wife, Lorena Cartegena, one too many times, reveals.

A couple for 17 years, the rapper, born Joseph Cartegena, is at the center of the divorce rumors as a result of his affair with a 26-year-old woman from Dubai. The mistress, who reportedly is known as "Ms. Dubai," has been involved with the 'Lean Back' creator for a year.

The 41-year-old entertainer is not hiding the relationship with the younger woman either, having flown her to several destinations and partied with her in public.

A source close to Lorena Cartegena reveals that she is dealing with the situation fairly well. Lorena learned about the affair through text messages, when a close friend sent her photos of Fat Joe and Ms. Dubai together.

"Happy to say, Lorena is fine and well at this point and as stressful as the situation has been for her, she has a lot of peace with just raising her daughter," the insider stated.

The rap star, who recently made headlines for his extreme weight loss, has not issued a statement regarding the matter.

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