Over the weekend, people on Twitter were demanding that their boyfriends go up on stage with Rihanna. Although RiRi is not on tour, fans are hoping that when the R&B singer does hit the road, she will mimic what Trey Songz has been doing with his female concertgoers on his current trek (see video above).

It all started when videos surfaced of Songz serenading female fans during his shows. It usually starts out with the woman unbuttoning Songz’s shirt as he bumps and grinds on her. It soon progresses to the R&B singer stimulating sex with the woman onstage. It’s all harmless fun -- Janet Jackson is famous for this same onstage routine.

So people began to wonder what they would do if their boyfriend was called onstage by Rihanna. The end result is a plethora of memes where men say that they would jump on stage in a heartbeat if the Bajan singer called them up -- even if their girlfriends said no. Some guys even said that they would come back down from the stage pregnant by Rihanna.

Anyway, check out the funny reactions below. And fellas, you may want to think twice before you let your significant other go onstage to meet “Mr. Steal Your Girl.” We're just saying.

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