While promoting her forthcoming album, 'Incomparable,' Faith Evans revealed a big secret: she'll be releasing a duets album with her late husband, the Notorious B.I.G., called 'The King and I.'

In an interview with Hip Hollywood, the New Jersey native said she's modeling the project after another famous pair that recorded a similar album.

"Think Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole," she said. "I'm just actually getting in to actually working on it. I would say probably next year... It is definitely unheard music, in the presentation of it."

Based on her explanation, it sounds like the album will contain recycled Biggie lyrics over new beats and new content from Faith. However, once everything is put together, the effort will feature fresh songs -- at least that's how other duets with late performers have been done in the past.

Clearly, 'The King and I' will get the immediate attention of Evans' fans as well as Biggie's, and it might be the singer's best chance to get back into the mainstream spotlight.

For now, you can pre-order Faith's 'Incomparable' album on iTunes. The project arrives Nov. 24.

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