While visiting Los Angeles over the weekend, rap rookie Yelawolf made some new friends. The Alabama-bred skater/catfishing fanatic hit up pro-skateboarder and entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory in Santa Monica for one of his 'SK8 4 Life' benefits. All proceeds went to the Rob Dyrdek Foundation -- a body that helps build skate parks so that local kids can have a safe, legal time during those infamous after-school hours.

"Dyrdek auctioned off a lot of paraphernalia from pros -- decks, photos and random stuff from cool episodes and places," Yelawolf dished to The BoomBox. Dyrdek's second MTV reality series, the aptly-titled 'Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory,' is now in its third season and films from the indoor skateboarding compound. "They're making a lot of money out there to help support the building of the skate parks that he's making," Yelawolf continued. "It's starting in L.A. It's all skate spots for kids that want to skate legally and not be arrested."

For Yelawolf, skateboarding was an influence from an early age in an era where the activity was mostly frowned upon by both young and old.

"It's amazing where skateboarding has come," he said. "Skateboarding wasn't cool when I was young. You know? It wasn't accepted in the mainstream. I remember having my Air Walks, my bowl cut, my Tony Hawk haircut and I just got made fun of everyday for it. I always got picked on for being a skateboarder coming up, so it's amazing that it's being embraced by mainstream culture."

Yelawolf stresses that all the charitable work from celebrity skaters like Dyrdek will keep kids interested for decades to come.

"What I'm mostly excited about is the generation of skateboarders that are coming out of this," he explained. "They're gonna be so phenomenal because they're so exposed to everything dope. The scene in L.A. just blows my mind. Everywhere you look there's skateboarders down the streets, parks, everywhere. L.A. is on a whole other level. Rob Dyrdek is pretty much the king of it. He's the face of that generation, making tons of money and having a blast."