Estelle dazzles when she commands the stage, both in her spirit and her vocal capabilities, and Tuesday night (Feb. 28) at Irving Plaza in New York City, she stayed true to form for a set that lasted close to two hours.

The British darling, who was preceded by singers Bridget Kelly, Elle Varner, Stacy Barthe and Luke James as part of the BET Music Matters tour, grooved through about 24 songs on the day of her 'All of Me' album release. For loyal supporters, she didn't stray from the R&B-centric tunes they know her for and for newcomers to her sound, she was a melodic singing and rapping force.

She commenced the show with 'Pretty Please (Love Me),' a soulful, upbeat tune off her sophomore LP, 'Shine,' moved through classics like The Supremes' 1966 hit 'Can't Hurry Love' and called not one gentleman but two -- the first concertgoer was dismissed for his wandering hands -- up on stage to showcase her breathy vocals and sultry dance moves during a cover of Bob Marley's 'Is This Love.'

"My album came out today so I'm happy as s---," Estelle shared with the audience. "I'm gonna try not to curse... Can I sing some songs about boys?" Where she failed in the first action -- Estelle could have filled a swear jar full with the curses she spewed, all as endearing sentiments, of course -- she shined in the latter, serving up 'More Than Friends,' 'Come Over' and 'Speak Ya Mind,' which is featured on her new LP.

The 32-year-old had conviction in all the tracks she performed during the evening, her voice bold and full of life. John Legend was a surprise, as he joined the chanteuse, who wore a flapper-inspired metallic dress, for their collaboration 'No Other Love.' So was Jadakiss, who graced the stage and gave his signature raps on the remix to 'Break My Heart.'

Estelle threw out a bunch of memorable lines as she delivered some witty banter to fans. "So the lesson here is, if you treat me like an idiot, I'm gonna treat you like an idiot," she shared during one of her song breaks. "I take my time on my albums. I really do."

The four-year break between 2008's 'Shine' and 2012's 'All of Me' wasn't a detriment to her career, but rather beneficial, as new songs like the pop-dipped 'Wonderful Life' and the Jerry Wonda-produced 'Thank You' -- she shed tears while singing this song -- proved her versatility.

Before her set concluded, she took the audience to Europe for the dance-heavy tune 'One Love,' rapped like a young Lauryn Hill on '1980,' brought out crooner Luke James, who stripped and bared his muscled chest, for Al Green's 'Love and Happiness' and gave a grand show of her 2008 global smash 'American Boy.'

Heart and soul is what Estelle put forth at her show, two qualities resounding on 'All of Me.'

Watch Estelle & John Legend Perform 'No Other Love'

Watch 'Estelle Puts Her Soul Into 'All of Me''

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Estelle Puts Her Soul Into 'All of Me'

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