Erykah Badu will return to her hometown of Dallas, Texas, on Feb. 4, where she will join Prince at 'theEvent' benefit show, in support of Texas' Goss-Micheal Foundation.

theEvent benefit, a part of Dallas' Super Bowl weekend festivities, will include open bar, art, entertainment and additional performances from guest DJs and the Goss-Micheal Foundation scholarship winners. Badu -- who was fined for filming her controversial 'Window Seat' video in Dallas last summer -- is scheduled to perform a full set before Prince takes the stage that night.

"One of The Goss-Michael Foundation's missions has been to encourage the talents of young artists, both visual and performing, through our statewide high school scholarship programs," Joyce Goss, executive director of the Goss-Michael foundation explained in a statement. "With the funds raised at this one-of-a-kind event, students will be able to reach for their dreams. Prince is an artist that hundreds of millions of people around the world admire. Our scholarship winners and all of us are honored that Prince has selected The Goss-Michael-Foundation as the beneficiary."

The benefit will begin at 8PM at theEvent Tent Complex in Downtown Dallas on Feb. 4. Tickets can be purchased at Visit for more information.

Watch Erykah Badu's 'Window Seat'
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