If you've misplaced your copy of Erykah Badu's 'Mama's Gun,' don't worry because you can get a new copy of her critically acclaimed album in a fancy vinyl treatment.

Tackling issues such as self-esteem, relationship dynamics and social issues like police brutality, the album, which includes 'Bag Lady,' seems as relevant today as it was when Badu released it on Nov. 21, 2000. So it only makes sense that over a deacade later, the album would be honored with a 180-gram vinyl reissue.

Originally released on July 21, the sepecial edition LP includes the original cover art formatted into a gatefold sleeve that's complete with the liner notes insert and two 180-gram vinyl LPs. The first 1000 copies have been numbered and will include one red and one gold vinyl.

Head over to MusicVinyl.com to find out where you can grab your copy of this special edition reissue.

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