Like most up-and-coming rappers, Nicki Minaj has already been a victim to backlash and criticism from both fans and industry peers alike. One of her recent beefs came in the form of fellow female rapper, Khia, who has been throwing a steady stream of insults at the Young Money emcee. But now it seems like Nicki might be burning some bridges of her own.

Legendary hip-hop DJ Eric B. posted a nasty message on his Twitter account on Thursday, April 15, directed toward the Queens native. "Yo, [@NickiMinaj] – Go f--- yourself!" he wrote. He then followed up with a second tweet linking to a story, which explained the reason for his apparent beef with Minaj.

According to the Hollywood Street King blog, Nicki Minaj offended – and seriously pissed off -- the rap pioneer during a recent, scheduled encounter between the two. Eric B. explained that he attempted to set up a rendezvous with Minaj, after his daughter expressed an interest in the 'Harajuku Barbie''s work. The meeting was easily arranged by a third party, but Eric B. went on to say that Nicki was none too welcoming when he made an appearance. "He says when Nicki met him, she treated him like he jumped over barricades and snuck by security to meet her."

The news has prompted a heated reaction from fans and bloggers, who are now blasting Nicki for disrespecting a hip-hop legend. Eric B. & Rakim are a famous DJ/MC duo who are considered to be the pioneers of hip-hop's "golden age," during the mid-80s to early 90s. Nicki Minaj has not released any comment on the incident.