Eminem is getting into the Christmas spirit. Slim Shady will broadcast one of the September Home and Home concerts he co-headlined with Jay-Z in Detroit on his satellite radio station, Shade 45.

The concert will air at 8PM on New Year's Eve. "If you weren't there, this is what it sounded like," Em joked on air on Monday.

While Jay-Z and Eminem are no strangers to performing in arenas, the concerts marked the first time hip-hop commandeered multiple stadiums back to back. Two sold-out concerts were played at the Detroit ballpark, with Jay-Z opening for Eminem, while Eminem returned the favor for Jigga man during a two-night run at New York's Yankee Stadium two weeks later. Multiple guests turned up on stage for each concert. The first night of the Detroit concerts began with an opening set from B.o.B and included guests Dr. Dre, D12, 50 Cent, Young Jeezy and G-Unit.

"It felt great, man," Eminem said of the concerts. "It was crazy. The energy of the crowd. Just me being home, you know? I don't know, man -- it's a good thing. Blessed." Despite having the best selling hip-hop album of 2010, Eminem has no future concert or tour plans, giving more reason not to miss the broadcast of the epic concert.

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