After a five-day trial in a Detroit federal court, rapper Eminem's publisher, Eight Mile Style and Apple Inc. have finally reached a settlement over the rights to Em's digital sales.

The publisher filed the suit in 2007, charging that Apple was illegally offering Em's music for digital download on iTunes. However, Apple contended they had been given the right to sell the 93 songs in question by Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records, the label which control Em's sound recordings.

Eight Mile sought to recover over $14 million in damages and $2.5 million in earnings which they claimed Apple had illegally accrued.

The two parties reportedly reached a compromise out of court on Thursday, though the details have yet to be disclosed. One interesting fact revealed during the course of the trial is that Aftermath was receiving 70 cents per downloaded song, while Em's publisher was receiving only 9.1 cents.

Em's publisher previously filed suit against Apple over the inclusion of Em's hit 'Lose Yourself' in an iTunes commercial, which they claimed Apple did not have the permission to use. That case was settled out of court as well.

Eminem's highly anticipated follow-up album 'Relapse 2' is scheduled for a late 2009 release.