In the upcoming issue of Spin magazine, Eminem discusses his new song "Talkin to Myself," on which he says that at the height of his drug addiction he considered releasing a Lil Wayne/Kanye West diss song. "I thought, 'Man, I can do that s--t. He ain't that dope,'" Em explained. "I'm hearing this dude say some clever, witty s--t and I'm not doing it, so I feel f--ked up...It would have been career suicide...they would have f--kin' murdered me." Not sure about that. [Spin]

Beanie Sigel is back with a new album, and he brought some of his friends from the block with him. "It's've got [a] joint with Travis Barker [called] 'Just Chill,' a joint with Trey Songz..I basically went back to the block with [this album]. I mean, I ain't never leave the block, but I just started hanging more and more in depth with the young boys and put myself in situations where I knew I shouldn't have been at, hanging at those spots where they hang at. And that's where the music come from: the n---as that are on the black still grinding." Pretty confused right now. Travis Barker is on the block with the young boys, though? [HipHopDX]

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