Yet to be convinced by 'Survival' or 'Berzerk'? Bored of the same old pop-rock-beat-with-a-hook-from-Skylar-Grey formula? Don't believe Eminem can still rap his ass off? Then set aside the next six minutes and learn why Slim Shady still deserves to be worshipped as a 'Rap God.'

The latest single off his upcoming album, 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2' (due Nov. 5), 'Rap God' is Marshall Mathers at his most hungry, most amusing and, above all, most iron-lunged. For a little over six minutes, he laces whirring synths with even more frenzied rhymes, referencing and poking fun at everyone from Ray J and Fabolous to Waka Flocka Flame and Monica Lewinsky.

'Rap God' is a marked departure (most likely just a brief one) from the radio-ready aesthetic of said previous singles, which is something Shady himself addresses: "How many verses I gotta murder to/ Prove that if you were half as nice on songs you could sacrifice virgins, too." Despite being a breathtaking display of lyricism, wordplay and control-of-flow, you might find there's still something to be desired musically on 'Rap God,' though.

Listen to Eminem's 'Rap God'

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