Eminem, who spent the majority of his career being shocking, appeared on CBS' '60 Minutes' tonight, and revealed that he lives in a profanity-free home. "I'm a parent; I have daughters," the artist formerly known as Slim Shady told news anchor Anderson Cooper. "I mean, how would I really sound as a person like walking around my house [saying] 'B--ch, pick this up!' Profanity around my house, no." It would probably sound...a lot like an Eminem song. [CBS]

Waka Flocka recently made the comparison between fellow rapper Wale and a light bulb. "Wale like a light. You know how you screw a light bulb in...but you don't twist it all the way, so it keep going in and out, that's Wale. Now when you twist Wale tight, [he's] gon' become bright. That man can rap real good but nobody give him an opportunity," Flocka told MTV, before continuing to say that Wale is crazy enough to introduce himself. "He so happened to walk in the studio, like, 'Yo, what up, I'm Wale.' That's the kind of person he is, [he'll] introduce [himself]...I was like, 'Damn, boy, that's crazy." Craaaazy. [MTV]

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