Singer Emeli Sande touched down in New York City last week and stopped by The BoomBox to perform four songs off her debut album, Our Version of Events, for AOL Music Sessions. During her time in our studio, the blonde chanteuse, who hails from Scotland and resides in the U.K., gave some insight on the loyal following she's found since trading in her scrubs -- she was once a med student -- for a microphone.

"When I hear Alicia [Keys] is a fan or Adele likes my stuff, that... blows my mind because these are artists that I love," Sande tells The BoomBox. "It's when people that I don't expect to come to shows -- I get a lot of med students, a lot of neurologists coming. I love that because I feel like the geeks can unite [with my music]."

Witness Emeli Sande in action as she prepares for her AOL Music Sessions performance below. Stay tuned to The BoomBox to watch her full performance and exclusive interview on Tues., June 12.

Watch Emeli Sande's Behind the Sessions Video

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