If there's anyone who can explain how difficult it might have been growing up in Detroit, it's Elzhi, who was was raised in the city and obviously has a way with words.

If you've forgotten that fact, just check out the new single from Will Sessions called "Knowledge of 12th," which he's featured on.

The live funk band, who are also natives of The D, string together one catchy melody after another with big drums, engulfing horns and a funky guitar riff that goes straight to the soul.

Plus, all of the musicians do a stellar job of making their individual contributions blend seamless, and although the track is big and powerful, it doesn't drown out what Elzhi has to say.

"You feel the chill of your body / Your mommy telling you to get down / Shot busting out the window of a Monte Carlo / They found Marlo lying dead with his Marlboro / Half lit by some half wit who lost his marbles," he rhymed.

You can check out "Knowledge of the 12th" below.

Listen to Will Sessions' Song "Knowledge of the 12" Feat. Elzhi

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