Joe Budden has apparently sparked yet another feud, this time with legendary Boston rapper Edo. G.

The situation arose when Budden, who was in beantown performing at his record release party, allegedly threatened a crowd of people onstage, which included show promoter Edo. G of "I Got to Have It" fame.

"All y'all who don't have anything to do with the show, get the f--- off the stage." Budden said, according to Boston radio personality DJ On & On. "I know how to fight, if you want," the rapper continued, adding insult to injury.

Edo. G. made a statement on the radio, following the incident, saying "Honestly if I wasn't a promoter on that show, and I was just a host, he would have caught it. Joe Budden would have caught it, period."

He then went on to request that Budden issue a public apology, or risk being "No longer welcome in Boston."

Both Boston's hip hop scene and Joe Budden have a long history of beef with rappers, so we'd recommend that both sides just forget this ever happened and look to the future, cause they're not getting any younger.

UPDATE: Joe Budden responds here.