Ironically, Earl Sweatshirt was one of the most visible members of OFWGKTA when the group catapulted to fame a year ago, simply because he was fully off the radar at the time.

His absence was well chronicled -- most notably by the New Yorker -- and while Tyler the Creator was off being a lunatic, and Frank Ocean was chillin' with Jay-Z and Kanye West, rumor had it that Earl's mother had sent him off to some sort of youth camp in Samoa, which truth be told, doesn't sound so terrible.

Regardless of whether Earl was soaking up rays in the South Pacific, or in his room serving a marathon grounding, the kid is now back in action and has released a new song.

Earl announced his return by creating a Twitter account and a Tumblr. He also posted a YouTube video teasing a snippet of his track, accompanied by a tweet which read:

Well lo and behold, he reach 50,000 followers and then he released 'Home,'
which can be heard here, for everybody.

Watch Tyler, the Creator's 'She'


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