This tripped-out new video from Dudley Perkins comes with the warning that we all need to "prepare for Dr. Stokley." Could this be a new alias from the West Coast rapper/singer?

'State of Emergency' is the first we're hearing/seeing from Perkins' solo career in a few years or so. Previously, he was focusing on his latest work with his partner Georgia Anne Muldrow—together they form G&D and released a new album, 'The Lighthouse,' this past May. He's also the co-owner of the SomeOthaShip label with Muldrow, which likely keeps him busy as well.

But in between all that, Perkins was able to cook up what might be another alter-ego in Dr. Stokley. We're getting our first look at him in this psychedelic video, which complements the wavy Madlib instrumental perfectly. Just make sure you have the 3D setting on when you watch this, otherwise the effects and overall vibe of the video/track will be lost on you.

You can watch the video above.