With the earth-shattering release of 'Swagga Like Us' around this time last year, it's certainly no surprise that some of our best and brightest have teamed up for another single of the highest magnitude. World, meet 'Forever' -- the new cut credited to Drake and featuring Kanye West, Eminem and Lil Wayne. It'll be on the soundtrack to the new LeBron James documentary, 'More Than A Game,' to be released later this year. It'll also be on the radio four times an hour until then.

Drake kicks things off declaring, "Last name Ever, first name Greatest," which has to be close to the most ridiculous thing a 22-year-old rapper who hasn't dropped an actual album could claim. He's going to need a more unique identity in order to rap with forefathers like Kanye and Weezy on the same track.

Kanye is up next and continues with his penchant for upstaging bigger MCs with a series of razor-sharp punch lines. Lil Wayne, as we should expect lately, sounds like a zombie hooked up to an IV. Eminem brings a trademark crazy, unwieldy flow that works really well over the crackling stadium beat. Maybe he had "Swagga Like Us" envy and wanted to prove he deserves to stay in the senior class.

Overall, this man gives his vote to both Ye and Em. Take a listen and let us know what you think.