The prevailing voice for young readers during hip-hop's early years, several of Dr. Seuss' books sell enough copies to go gold annually, and while works like 'The Cat in the Hat' and 'Green Eggs and Ham' are generally referenced due to their simplicity, his impression on rap music, thanks to his employment of the repetitive, sing-song anapestic tetrameter, is undeniable.

Though he died of throat cancer in 1991, the revered author, poet and artist would be 108 today (March 2), and in honor of his birthday, The BoomBox compiled a list of hip-hop's most Seuss-inspired artists, from up-and-coming Queens rapper Action Bronson to pioneers like Run-DMC and Slick Rick.

Rappers Rhyming in the Spirit of Dr. Seuss


Watch 'Dr. Seuss: From Books to Film'

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Dr. Seuss: From Books to Film

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