Chrysler recruited Eminem for a memorable Super Bowl ad this year, which paid homage to the Motor City. Now, Slim Shady's mentor, Dr. Dre, will appear in an upcoming campaign for the Detroit-based car company.

According to Chrysler's CEO Olivier Francois, the inclusion of Dr. Dre, NFL rookie Ndamukong Suh and designer John Varvatos in the new campaign for Chrysler's 300 Sedan is part of an effort to paint luxury as something that customers should aspire to. The company is incorporating Dre's popular Beats by Dre headphone line into the 300 Sedan's audio system, which includes 10 speakers.

"This will be a breakthrough in terms of how you speak about luxury (in) this country," Francois told USA Today. "It doesn't speak about luxury in terms of just aesthetic, but about luxury in terms (of) the spirit [sic]."

In recent months, Chrysler has been focused on re-branding the company after being forced to declare bankruptcy back in 2009. The popular "Imported from Detroit" campaign scored its biggest hit so far with Eminem's Super Bowl commercial, which aimed to bring some attention to Detroit's failing auto industry. Following the 'Born of Fire' Chrysler ad, Eminem joined the company again in March to release a new T-shirt line branded with the "Imported from Detroit" tagline.

Chrysler will unveil the new ads, which feature Dr. Dre in May. The West Coast rapper-producer is currently putting the finishing touches on his 'Detox' album, his first scheduled release in over a decade.

Watch Dr. Dre's 'Kush'
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