A lot has happened in the dozen years since Dr. Dre has released a solo album. A lot. Dre's much-storied third album, 'Detox' is kinda like hip-hop's own 'Chinese Democracy.' Except that everyone expects great things from this one. It's almost time to finally cash in those chips for the money and the big pay-off: After years of hearing Dre's collaborators -- including Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube -- discuss their contributions and speculate about the album's release, 'Detox' finally drops in April. For real, this time.

While certain unfinished tracks were leaked in the past -- much to Dre's chagrin -- when an unmastered version of the song 'Kush' leaked last fall, he quickly mastered it and released it officially via iTunes. Then came a video. So, whereas previous leaked tracks were allegedly removed from the album's final tracklist, 'Kush' was the forced first single.

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Last November, just one week after 'Kush' was released, producer Alex da Kid said the track he worked on called 'I Need a Doctor' (feat. Eminem and Skylar Grey) would be the official second single from 'Detox.' Turns out, the kid was right.

The single hit iTunes on Feb. 1 and the official video premiered on MTV. Looks like the 'Detox' era is finally upon us... and, it turns out, no one "forgot about Dre."