After a decade of promising that his third and final solo album 'Detox' would one day be released, Dr. Dre is ready to unveil the mythical LP. Last night, producer Just Blaze posted a Twitvid while in the studio with the West Coast veteran, who made it clear that 'Detox' would be landing in stores on April 20 -- a nod to 4/20 culture and the title of the album's prequels.

"You know what album's coming out Feb. 15," said Blaze, referring to Saigon's 'The Greatest Story Never Told.' "But then guess what else comes out?" he added, turning the camera over to Dr. Dre. "Pow pow! 4/20, baby! 4/20! I'm comin'!" he said, before Just Blaze signed off. "You might just see a unicorn this year too!"

Though the album has been consistently delayed, 'Detox' seems like it will actually drop given the recent release of the album's single 'Kush,' featuring Akon and Snoop Dogg. While the single and album release date are both nods to marijuana, Dre previously promised that there would not be many references to the green stuff on the album. "This is actually the only type of song with that type of content on it," he explained. And while Dre has previously given solid release dates to fans over the past few years, he topped off 2010 by promising that it would finally reach retail in the first few months of 2011.

Watch Dr. Dre's 'Kush'

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