Doug E. Fresh apparently made waves in the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse on Thursday (Dec. 15), according to DNAinfo. The old school rapper wasn't there to face disciplinary action on his own behalf, but rather to perform his duty as a father.

Fresh's 23-year-old son, Dayquan Davis, had been arrested and taken into custody Wednesday (Dec. 14) for drunk driving. Following the incident, Fresh flew up from Florida to attend the arraignment and to post the $2,000 in bail.

"He's a nice guy, just caught in an unfortunate set of circumstances, that's all, " Fresh said while he waited for his son's release. "Growing up, that happens."

Davis was allegedly pulled over for reckless driving and refused a breathalyzer after the officer noticed he had watery and bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and alcohol on his breath. Davis then began flailing his arms erratically to avoid being handcuffed, adding resisting arrest to his list of charges.

Fresh's son apparently took the wheel after a friend became too intoxicated to drive. He declined to comment except to clarify that his arm was in a sling due to injuries he sustained after he fell while being arrested. He is due to appear in court again next month.

"I'm definitely going to have a conversation with him and to make him look at it and make him understand," Fresh said of his parenting strategy. "When kids are growing up there's always something."

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