DOOM -- the wordsmith of all wordsmiths -- is back for a 2009 victory lap. Having dropped the MF in MF DOOM, and released the stellar 'Born Like This' earlier this year, the MC-behind-the-mask is slated to drop a new collaborative "mix cd" called 'Unexpected Guests' on Oct. 27.

The record will be released by indie hip-hop label Gold Dust Media and feature the masked villain's mash-ups with a whole slew of MCs -- J Dilla, Talib Kweli, Ghostface and GZA, while the underground is represented by people like Vaste Aire, CountBass D and Kurious.

Although the final 'Unexpected Guests' track list is not confirmed, most of the material has previously appeared elsewhere. New tracks include 'Sniper Elite' with Dilla and a live version of 'I Hear Voices' from the underground classic 'Operation Doomsday.' Listeners can also expect a good deal of comic dialogue that is interesting on the first listen and a real nuisance thereafter. Still, 'Unexpected Guests' will most likely take over a good chunk of stoner stereos across this great nation of ours.

While DOOM is said to have mixed 'Unexpected Guests,' this is the same guy who angered fans with alleged impersonators showing up in his place at concerts over the past few years. You never know when the next suitable impostor while show up, but it puts a lot more meaning into the new album's title.