Dom Kennedy's Los Angeles Is Not For Sale, Vol 1. has officially arrived just in time for the holiday break.

The anticipated project is 15 tracks and as Dom said on Instagram last week, doesn't feature any "commercial interruptions." Dom is fresh off the release of a joint EP with Hit-Boy, Half-A-Mil, which he quietly dropped on Dec. 12. The album is lead by the single, “100 Rounds.”

As for the new album, it features production by Mike Free, Polyester, Cardo and a couple of others and features tracks including "Let the Money Burn" and "The 76."

"Still got it bad for you/Thinkin' bout you at least half of the day/The other half, you know what they say/Kissin' babies, shakin' hands, politickin'/Another sneak diss is not what's missin'/So I concentrate more on words now/Give the ball to me if it's 3rd down," he raps on "96 Cris" about missing his woman.

So far, reactions to the new record on Twitter have been strong, as you can see below.

At any rate, you can give the album a listen and judge for yourself. Stream it via Spotfy below.

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