Some of DMX's infamous erratic behavior during his marriage to Tashera Simmons is about to come back and haunt him. Simmons, now-divorced, is about to release a "positive tell-all" (yeah, right) about her marriage to the rapper and has already started revealing some controversial details about their life together.

Simmons claims that she knew that DMX had fathered at least one child outside of their marriage, but apparently there were three other children she didn't know about.

"He had four other children out of our marriage and I didn't know," she recently told 'Vibe' magazine. "I only found out about one, and it was the one in Maryland that was public. It was all over the news and I still was gonna try to make it work [but] after we did the show, 'Soul of a Man,' I guess the women felt some kind of way because he was doing a lot of paying child support behind my back and giving them money without me knowing anything."

These details haven't been confirmed and the timing of Simmons' revelations are particularly pertinent, considering she has the book and a new reality series, which also showcases her life with DMX, on the way. That said, Simmons blames the past TV special she was featured on and X's lies for all of his secret baby's mothers coming out of the woodwork.

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