DMX will have to wait a little while longer before he's a free man. Although it was originally announced that he would be released from Arizona's Maricopa County Jail on July 1, the date has since been pushed back to July 6, at which point he will be under supervised watch until Aug. 12.

Upon his release, the Yonkers, N.Y. native has made plans to release a new album and appear in a reality show chronicling his life with fiancée Yadira Borrego as well as attempting to reunite with his mother and 10 children. "He is an amazing father and man," Borrego said of her future husband. "The media has never shown who he really is."

While no other information has been released about the show, this is not X's first decent into reality TV. In 2006, he starred in the BET reality show 'DMX: Soul of a Man,' which showed off his daily life with ex-wife Tashera Simmons, and their four children.

In the years since, the former Ruff Ryder has made headlines for his legal problems, which have landed him behind bars several times in the last few years.

On the music side of things, X, born Earl Simmons, revealed in an interview that he is in talks to sign with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group imprint. Ross has yet to confirm the embattled MC as the newest edition to his roster.

Watch DMX's 'We in Here'
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