DMX is a multifarious individual. Sit with him for a solid 10 minutes and you'll experience highs and lows right alongside him; he's that deep when he speaks. Family memories, career milestones, personal hiccups and business failures are all a part of his conversation, with added laughter and his signature bark for good measure.

After all, X, born Earl Simmons, hasn't gotten to this point in life by being a muzzled dog. His fifth album, Undisputed, out today, bears lyrics that attest to many of those triumphs and tribulations.

"I've matured as a person," the rapper tells The BoomBox. "I've come to terms with some harsh realities. I've found different things that I enjoy about life more. I seek those out more. The music is just a reflection of me growing as a person. I've always had the talent. God gave me that.

"I thank him for not taking it from me... My music is honest. I don't talk about shit I don't have. I don't brag. I speak sincerely and I give proper consideration to everything I say."

He mentions enjoying "different things" about his life these days. After asking to clarify his statement, it's apparent X is focused on the Simmons' clan. "Smiles from my children, hugs from my babies," he says of what he looks forward to.

There's no doubt his kids, ranging in age from 1 to 19, flash their pearly whites at dear old dad. However, his eldest son may cringe a bit from embarrassment once he realizes his father chose to highlight the day he was born in a hilariously graphic description for The BoomBox's "My First" series. Beginning Wednesday (Sept. 12), X will touch on a wealth of "firsts" -- seven videos in total -- including the first time he witnessed his child being born, the very first album he bought, his first sexual experience and meeting his favorite rapper for the first time.

Witness a mash-up of some of the MC's most poignant and gut-busting lines below and stay tuned as DMX shares many of his "firsts" with The BoomBox.

Watch "My First... With DMX: A Sneak Peek"

Videography by Pierre Verna & Kelly Mahan; Edited by Pierre Verna

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