DMX will spend his birthday behind bars, as court officials in Arizona have plans to sentence him to one year in prison. The Maricopa County Superior Court ruled against the rapper Thursday (Dec. 16), revoking his probation and sending him back to the slammer for an extended period.

X, born Earl Simmons, was arrested for possession of Oxycontin last month and later failed to submit to drug testing. He was also believed to be under the influence of cocaine, and drove on a suspended license. The troubled rapper admitted to being kicked out of a rehabilitation program after drinking alcohol during a show in Scottsdale. "I shouldn't have done it," X said. "I wasn't done with the program. They let me out to do the show. I should have protected myself better."

As previously reported, X was denied bond and has been sitting in jail since his arrest in November. Although he previously vowed never to return to Arizona, the former Ruff Ryder just can't seem to stay out of trouble in the state.

On the music front, X was attempting to rejuvenate his fledgling rap career, but drug addiction and constant arrests appear to have derailed his comeback. He turns 40 on Dec. 18.

DMX, 'We Right Here'

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