There's one person who has played an important role in DMX's life as both a colleague and a friend. That man is Swizz Beatz. The acclaimed rapper has Swizz to thank for providing the beat to his 1998 hip-hop smash "Ruff Ryders' Anthem," a song that sits on his debut album, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot. For The BoomBox's final "My First" series interview with DMX, he looks back on meeting Swizz for the first time.

Around 17 years old during those days, the producer and DJ was introduced to X by close friend and Ruff Ryders Entertainment co-founder, Darrin Dean, who was Swizz's uncle. Back then, Kasseem -- the name X uses to refer to him -- was just walking into the world of rap as a mixer.

"He had an old ass record player," DMX tells The BoomBox. "And he actually could cut on that motherfucker."

Swizz has gone on to craft beats on all seven of the veteran MC's LPs. After more than 14 years of working together, the two share a bond that goes beyond professional boundaries. "I can't even tell you half the stories," X admits.

Witness the 41-year-old entertainer reflect on a young Kasseem Dean's early career beginnings below.

DMX's seventh studio album, Undisputed, is available now.

Watch DMX in "My First Memories of Swizz Beatz"

Videography by Pierre Verna & Kelly Mahan; Edited by Pierre Verna

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Watch DMX's "Ruff Ryders' Anthem" Video

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