Although DMX was released from prison in May, the 38-year-old rapper is still being barred from seeing his beloved dogs.

"I can't have dogs for two more months," DMX told TMZ. "I'm on probation. I got two more months to go then I can have my dogs back. [The Michael Vick dog fighting incident] kinda linked to my situation. The sheriff went and got Michael Vick then came and got my dogs! I wasn't even fighting with my dogs. I love my dogs. But you know, it happens. And just for the record, f--- Sheriff Joe!"

While serving a 90-day sentence for theft, drug possession and animal cruelty, X was also disciplined for verbally assaulting an officer, extending his time behind bars. "Stripes and pink, pink underwear, pink socks and slippers," X said of his time at the infamous "Tent City" jail in Maricopa County, Ariz. "Stay the f--- [out of] Arizona!"

Now that his legal troubles are behind him, X is back to working on his music. He will be releasing his forthcoming hip-hop and gospel albums on the same day. No official street date has been confirmed for the two releases.