DMX is out of the doghouse with one of his baby mamas. The embattled rapper has settled a $1 million child support case with the mother of his 11-year-old daughter.

According to TMZ, DMX owed 10 years of back child support to Patricia Trejo who took him to court back in 2012. Because of the case, X was prohibited from obtaining a passport, which cost him losing money in appearances and concert performances overseas.

A rep for DMX has told the website that his child support case has been resolved now that he’s touring in Europe.

Domenick Nati said that DMX got his passport back and he's touring overseas to pay off his debt. It's unclear on how much support he paid to settle his case with Trejo.

Currently, DMX is the father of 12 children with multiple women, so his child support cases are far from over.

In his interview on the 'Dr. Phil Show,' the rapper said that he takes good care of his kids. "I do have a relationship with my children, and I love my children," he said.

Meanwhile, The 'Party Up' rhymer seems to be having fun on his European tour, which hits Beirut on Dec. 31 and Bulgaria on Jan. 6.

X was recently videotaped dancing at an Albanian wedding. Watch it below.