After beefing for the past decade, gruff-voiced rappers Ja Rule and DMX hugged it out at VH1's Hip Hop Honors ceremony on Sept. 23.

"I knew my eyes weren't deceiving me," wrote former XXL EIC/current Rap Radar honcho, Elliot Wilson. "As X was leaving the venue, he stopped by Ja's seat on the aisle. Greeted him with a smile and a hug. Ja looked real happy like a lil' brother and embraced him back for about 5 seconds. The crowd literally went, 'Ahh!' Then X and his new dame bounced. Ja remained seated."

"Hip hop honors was a historic night despite the little mishap wit my sound," Ja rule tweeted of his reconciliation with his former nemesis. "And NO nobody walked out on my set me & x made up good night!!!"

The beef began in the late 90's when both artists were signed to by Irv Gotti at Def Jam, then escalated when DMX called out Gotti and Rule in 2002, and continued to diss Rule in several freestyles and songs over the years. Rule responded by referring to X as "the biggest p---- in the rap game" and "Crack Man X."

"I never had a confrontation with DMX," Rule explained backstage at the 2002 VMA's. "He's always had a [problem] with me. Since the beginning of my career, I ignored it. I felt my way of answering him was to be very successful and that would hurt him the most. So I blasted off and now he's back again and he's mad again 'cause of my success."

While the dispute may have been one-sided, we're glad the two aging MC's were able to get over their pointless feud, finally

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