Earlier this year, he teased fans with a behind-the-scenes sneak peek, and now DMX has unveiled the video for "I Don't Dance," the first single from his upcoming comeback album, Undisputed. What were he, director John Colombo and guest rapper Machine Gun Kelly up to? Creating an effects-heavy clip in which the two MCs stomp around, leaving cracks in the concrete wherever they step.

True to the track's title, they don't do much dancing -- their gangsta cred allows them to simply nod their heads, as the lyrics explain -- but there's plenty of fancy footwork complements of the other folks packed into the nightclub where the visuals are set.

Despite all the wreckage they create, DMX and MGK steer clear of load-bearing walls and pillars, and come the end of the vid, the club is still standing, the lights are still flashing and the Dog is still barking, trying to make fans forget about the six years that have passed since he last released a new record.

Watch DMX's Video for "I Don't Dance" Feat. Machine Gun Kelly

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