Miami is memorable for DMX. Before becoming a signed MC, he was a battle rapper traveling to the southern hotspot for some fun in the sun. He "took the head off" of anyone in the area that said they could rap. Confidence obviously came easy for X, whose Undisputed album is currently in stores.

During his trip many years ago, the Yonkers, N.Y., native also received his first tattoo. An image of a grim reaper walking a pitbull is inked on X's left tricep. Any DMX fan knows the importance of dogs in his life -- he uses the word in many of his lyrics to refer to supporters and critics, as well as finds many similarities between himself and the animal.

He says the dark image of the grim reaper has cast a black cloud over his life. "What I didn't realize is that... when you put something on your body, you kinda bind yourself to it," he tells The BoomBox. "In a way I think that's one reason why I've had a lot of the problems I've had throughout my career."

The 41-year-old goes on to show off other tattoos with a more positive message. Take a closer look at the rhymer's ink and hear his reasoning for moving away from negative images.

Watch DMX in "My First Tattoo"

Videography by Pierre Verna & Kelly Mahan; Edited by Pierre Verna

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