Fatherhood and music bring joy to DMX's life. The veteran rhymer prides himself on being a dad who's deeply invested in his children's lives. As a parent of 10 kids -- five boys and five girls -- he's taught them valuable life lessons, but they've also done the same for him.

"They just make me want to not go to jail," he tells The BoomBox. "Makes me want to spend more time with them. I realize like I have to be a very influential part of their life."

The Yonkers, N.Y., native, whose seventh studio album, Undisputed, is out this week, prides himself on his no-nonsense attitude in his parenting duties. "I make sure I'm loving," X reveals. "I'm fair. I'm not a pushover. I will take the belt off and whoop ass."

He has a special place in his heart for all of his kids but it's his eldest son that has given him one memory he will never forget: being born. Both graphic and hilarious in his comments, the "Slippin'" MC shares the first time he witnessed childbirth. "I don't care what anybody says," he continues. "Babies are fuckin' ugly when they're born."

Witness X as he compares his then-baby boy's skin color to a certain zoo animal, explains "the beauty in his child" and offers comical commentary on the moment when he knew his son really belonged to him.

Watch DMX in "My First Time Witnessing Childbirth"

Videography by Pierre Verna & Kelly Mahan; Edited by Pierre Verna

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