Barring he stays out of trouble, rapper DMX won't be wearing pink underwear in Phoenix's Tent City any time soon.

Maricopa County Superior Court sentenced the rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, to 18 months of supervised probation after X plead guilty in May to throwing a food tray at a jail officer while serving a sentence for felony charges of theft, drug possession and a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty. Authorities are allowing him to serve his probation and undergo drug counseling in Florida, where he owns a home.

X and his lawyer Glenn Allen are satisfied with the outcome of the plea deal. "I think even the court wants the best for him," Allen said.

The rapper is said to be working on his comeback album and religious television show. "I'm going to start a TV show called Pain and Perseverance," X said of plans to launch a new Christian ministry. "It's about how I can reach people that the average person can't reach because I'm grounded."

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