DJ Quik has some choice words for Kanye West during a recent interview with the #NOAHTV show.

While the legendary producer was promoting his new collaborative project with Problem called Rosecrans, the topic of Yeezy continually updating his latest album, The Life of Pablo, came up. Over his 25 year career, Quik has never been one to hold his tongue, and he certainly did find it necessary to be easy on 'Ye, basically challenging the Chicago rapper-producer to step his game up and get back to the basics of his craft.

"Kanye so scared he don't know what to do with the f---ing Life of Pablo," he said. "Let's just keep this s--- all the way 100."

Quik questions host Noah Ayala on whether or not TLOP is better than 808's & Heartbreak or his "experimental album" Yeezus. Ayala admits he doesn't think the album isn't better than 808's but may be better than Yeezus, adding that TLOP does have some "good moments."

Quik presses him on why, if it's not that great musically, the album has received so much hype. Ayala acknowledges that West's celebrity is currently driving the promotion.

"So his celebrity supercedes his talent right now," Quik surmises.

The Compton legend then voices what many disgruntled Kanye fans have been grumbling about for some time now.

“He’s a Kardashian now, what the f---?" he says. "This is a challenge, not a diss. Make your best music, the fans are not stupid.”

And to be clear, Quik isn't worried about 'Ye catching feelings about his opinion.

"What's he going to do, beat me up? It's Kanye," he quips.

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