New Orleans rapper, Jay Electronica, found himself tangled in a war of words with New York radio personality, DJ Kay Slay, this week, after making some seemingly controversial comments about Wu-Tang rapper RZA.

During a recent interview in London, Jay Elect tastefully expressed his opinions about some of RZA's earlier work, but his comments still rubbed Kay Slay the wrong way. "Peace on RZA, that's my brother," Jay said. "RZA had a great effect on me via the Wu-Tang Clan and the music he did. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for the RZA and the Wu. But also RZA you said some crazy wild s---, and if you would have seen me at that time we might have had a physical altercation."

Kay Slay responded to Jay Elect's comments via Twitter, expressing that it was disrespectful to New York emcees. "This Jay Electronica dude getting real disrespectful towards New York n----- these days. If he hates us so f----- much, why does he rap like us," he wrote. "His f----- interview just made my blood boil," Slay wrote, as he directed his followers to Jay's interview.

Jay addressed Slay's outrage during an appearance on Angela Yee's 'Lip Service' radio show on Shade 45, where he tried to reiterate that he meant no disrespect and was simply voicing an opinion. "I'm not rhyming like nobody, we all got influences. And no disrespect, I love Kay Slay," Jay said. "When I said New York n----- was dissing us and talking crazy s--- about us; I'm not being hypothetical," he said. "I'm talking about what I experienced. I was real clear in the interview, I have super respect for RZA. If it wasn't for Wu, Nas, BIG, Jeru, Primo -- by the way, Primo's from Texas -- if it wasn't for all these people I wouldn't be the person I am today."

Kay Slay took one more jab at the issue later that night on his Hot 97 radio slot, reprimanding Jay Elect for bringing up past issues between Southern and East Coast rappers. But when all was said and done, he made it clear that the matter did not to be blown out of proportion."Dear bloggers! Me an Jay Elec are grown men an we had our opinions about issues an that's that...No violence just opinions! Ya'll can relax now!" Slay wrote.

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